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Q and U wedding hair

Top picture is a Q made out of a braid and the bottom picture in the U made out of a braid. I did this for the Q&U wedding they did in Kindergarten. You know Q&U go together. I got a lot of compliments on her hair that day. 

Halloween Door
I used crepe paper, white copy paper (the thicker the better) and craft fussy circles from the dollar store to do our Halloween door. I had a lot of people tell me my door was really cute.

DIY Garden Seed Starter Box
  This is my DIY garden seed starter box. I made this for free from some bricks that were laying here at my house and a free window I picked up from someone's yard. I made it bigger this year using more free bricks and a free old screen door. Plant your seeds that you want to grow in your garden, and after watering put the window on top of bricks. The sun will beat on the window making inside nice and warm for your seeds to start growing, and of course follow the directions on the seed packages for depth, and growth times. Water when needed, and replant your new plants when they and your garden is ready for planting. Have fun doing your garden from scratch.