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St. Patrick’s Day treat

This is a St. Patrick’s Day treat I made for my son’s class. Dip Oreo cookies in chocolate about half way then put them on wax paper to cool a little. Sprinkle or dip chocolate covered Oreo cookies in green sugar sprinkles. Put back on wax paper and stick them in the fridge to cool for a couple hours. Package them up in little snack bags or get a little fancy and use St. Patrick Day bags. Now that is a cute, quick treat for the class to enjoy.

Help teach your child letters

This is just a piece of paper with the lower case letters written on it. Mix all the letters up so they are not in order, this helps the child recognize each individual letter. Work on your sounds when going over each letter. My next post will show something you can do with this paper to add some extra fun while learning. Have fun with your child learning their ABC’s.

Letter, number and shape recognition

Have your children practice writing their letters and numbers with their fingers in  conditioner , toothpaste, washable paint and shaving cream . Put all these items in separate zip lock bags and seal them closed. Shaving cream does not stay that long in the bag but the toothpaste, paint and conditioner stays for a long time. You can add food coloring or colored washable paint to the shaving cream to change the color. You can also go through the sounds of each letter while your child writes them. Have some fun teaching your child/children their letters, numbers and sounds.

Crackle nail polish

Crackle nail polish on our toes. My girl’s and I love Crackle nail polish on our fingers and toes, this polish is so much fun. I have had better luck with this nail polish when you use new nail polish, even if it is from the dollar store.

Helpful tips for plants and your garden

If your house plants or garden plants need a little help growing use Epsom Salt. Dissolve 2 tablespoons of Epsom Salt per gallon of water and water your plants with this solution at least once a month. It’s safe to do this as often as you desire. I used this solution on my starter seeds for the garden and germination was 7 to 10 days but my seeds started coming up in 5 days. This really does work! Hope you like the tip and have fun watching your plants grow faster.

Cleaning the Oven,

Mix up 1/4 cup of baking soda and water to make a paste (Make sure your oven is OFF and NOT HOT). Spread it all over the inside of the Oven with your fingers and wait 30 minutes, wipe down with a damp rag. If your oven is really dirty you will need to do this a couple of times. Your oven will be nice and clean! Hope you like the home remedy tip and having fun cleaning the oven without all the fumes.