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3D Fiber Lashes/Mascara Click "Party" then click "My Parties" then click on my name "Stacey"  Click on this link to order online!    Click "Party" then click "My Parties" then click on my name "Stacey" to shop from my online party! Thank you for shopping at my online party!

Chemicals absorb through the skin Click "Party" then click "My Parties" then click on my name "Stacey"  Your skin absorbs at least 60% of the chemicals in your body through the skin!!  That's why it matters what you put on your skin! Does your make up company provide ingredients? Look at the containers in your cabinets, and see what they tell you! Then go to the manufactures website and take a look at the list of ingredients! Still can’t find the ingredients?!   Does your eyeshadow, concealer or blusher use Talc? How about anything that ends with the word “paraben”? If they do you may want to throw them in the trash. Parabens are used as a preservative in many cosmetics. According to  "Parabens are a group of compounds widely used as anti-microbial preservatives in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics products, including underarm deodorants. Parabens are absorbed through intact skin and through the gas